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I live in the Sierra Foothills and wanted to share what life is like living in the foothills. It is definitely not city life! We discovered since moving here that the only thing here that has changed since the 1800's are the clothing styles, how the houses are built, modes of transportation and little else. It is a rural area that we have dubbed Green Acres. Yes, the mentality of folks here must be the same as it was back in older times. We love the peace and quiet and we love the opportunity to see wildlife that you just do not see in the city, that is unless you go to the zoo! The air is clean; it rains; it snows; we have the four seasons. I have been inspired here by a friend who recently passed away to pursue my love of writing. I am hoping to become published soon. Please take a look at all the different categories on my blog. I hope that you enjoy them all! I look forward to your comments and if you like what you see, please feel free to subscribe! In Peace-- BW Beacham

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