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I have been wanting to get outside to shoot photos of the beautiful colors of fall here in the Sierra Foothills, and did just a quick run through my garden. I am hoping that I will be able to get out this coming weekend to really take some time to capture the beauty that surrounds us here. For today, I will just feature a few of the amazing shapes and colors just in my yard…

Liquid Amber.

Stars in nature

Stars in nature


Fading hearts

Fading hearts


Split fans

Split fans


The reds in the pistachio

The reds in the pistachio

Virginia Creeper.

A red star

A red star

I hope that you enjoyed this quick trip through the yard! Have a great Thursday and thanks for stopping by!

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As the sun broke the horizon this morning, I grabbed the camera so that I could grab the amazing colors that surround us here in the Foothills!

Colors bursting forth

Casting shadows

Water on a fallen redbud leaf

Sunshine through the leaves

Amazing reds

And, a bit of wisdom from my friend Ted: “Be yourself because everyone else is taken.”

Now go and have a great Saturday!

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I got up early this morning hoping that I would find snow on the ground, but it did not come. I was hoping that we would get the snow for this morning’s post. Not finding snow, I needed to find inspiration for this morning’s post. So, I grabbed the camera and headed out to brave the cold in search of inspiration. Here is what I found:

Stay warm today and have a great Friday!

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This year has been hotter than any other since we moved here. And the change over to fall seemed like someone flicking on a light switch. The plant life showed no signs of fall until the lights came on. It is the colder night time temperatures that have caused the plants to go into an instant display of colors, one that seemed to happen over night. I wanted to share some of the photos that I took in my backyard…So let’s head on outside!

Let’s start out behind the wood shed and take a look at the Virginia Creepers. This is similar to Boston Ivy.

Amazing red of the Virginia Creeper!

I look at these beautiful plants from my kitchen window! Lovely, isn’t it? Next, how about a look at the Mimosas. Last year at this time the seed pods were still green.

The Lovely Leaf and Seed Pod of the Mimosa Tree

The Smoke Bush is a bit slow in changing colors, however, in the following photo you can tell how glorious this plant will look!

The colors come up in the Smoke Bush

Now the Red Buds in the front of our house are still fully green, and this is because they have the coverage of the pines over them. But the one in the back is out in the open and is glorious! I love the heart shaped leaves!

The heart is found in the Red Bud

Let’s head on over now to the fruit orchard. Here is a photo of some of the trees in the orchard.

A view of the fruit orchard

Now let’s go look at some of these lovelies a bit closer, shall we?

Lovely plum

We have a five in one plum tree and this one branch has these colorful leaves while the rest is still a bit green, starting to change to yellow. The nectarine? Beautiful! Lovely flowers in the spring, lovely colors in the fall!

The color of the nectarine leaf looks like the color inside the fruit!

OK, now I have sneaked you into the car and here are two photos of the foothills near my house!

Down the street

Another view around the corner

I hope that you enjoyed the tour! Now go out and have a great Monday!

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The leaves have left most of the trees and shrubs here in the Sierra Foothills, and I bid a fond adieu to Fall.

Thank you fall for your beautiful colors in our trees..

Pistachio Tree in full color

And the wonderful colors that we found this season along the rivers…

The beautiful Poplars along the American River

Farewell to the beautiful colors in our fields…

Fielda aglow with fall color

And farewell to the colors in our beautiful mountains…

I wish nature a good slumber and I look forward to your bursting forth in spring!

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