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After finishing my post yesterday morning, I headed off to take care of my morning abulations. In yesterdays post I had made the following statement: “We never know what will visit us in our yard! What will stroll by next?” Little did I know that the next critter visiting us would be right outside the bedroom window! There were two bucks munching on the tree trimmings out back! Now this series of photos are a bit blurry as I was taking them through screened and dirty windows, and it was raining. We definitely have to wash our windows! Enjoy!

By the time I grabbed my camera and ran back to take photos, one of the bucks had moved on. Looking out the window, here is what I saw.

Looking up

Looking up

Some sound had captured the attention of this buck and he turned to see what it was.

I heard something

I heard something

I wanted to head outdoors but it was raining, so I headed down to the basement where I caught this next series of photos.

Nibbling on trimmings

Nibbling on trimmings

The deer heard the sound again and turned to look.

I heard that sound again!

I heard that sound again!

The deer started to investigate the sound.

Time to investigate!

Time to investigate!

He headed to the end of the fencing of our fruit orchard. In the background you will see the other critter who caused the sound!

The cause of the sound

The cause of the sound

Yes it is a black cat! The cat started to head towards the deer.

The cat on the move

The cat on the move

What I was unable to capture as it happened so quickly was the cat chased off the deer! It was quite amazing to see that little bit of fluff running after the deer, and the deer hightailing it!

Well, I hope that you enjoyed this post! Enjoy your Wednesday and thank you for visiting with me today!

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One never knows what one will see when they glance outside the window. This morning as I was getting ready for work, I glanced out the window and found some Foothills critters right outside the window. Now these photos that I will be sharing with you in this post are not my best as they are taken from inside with a screen and glass between me and the subjects. It is always a pleasure to see something like this, except when I find them munching on my plantings!

Without further ado…I share with you these critters!

The view out the window

The view out the window

Right now the yard is really green from our spring rains. So the deer take advantage of this because in the next month or so all of the greens that they are munching on will be brown and dusty. A noise startles the deer…

What was that noise?

What was that noise?

Frozen in time

Frozen in time

Everyday I get the pleasure of seeing something, whether in my own yard or on my way to work. Right now the deer are in abundance and so are the wild turkey. This is a good thing, because if they were scarce that would be a sign of mountain lions in the area. So we enjoy these critters when we see them!

Now go out and have a great Wednesday! And, thank you for stopping by!

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It is after 5 p.m., and I am sitting in the front of my house sharing a cocktail with my husband. Why the front you ask? It is on the eastern side and with temperatures in the mid-90′s, this is the place to be. So here we are sitting enjoying an after work cocktail, when company decided to join us. Not our usual friends, but some of the neighborhood crowd. So here are photos of our cocktail hour.

Our first visitors drop by

Chasing the apple martini

Caught sucking on the apple martini

If you click on the photo above, you will see our guest sucking on the apple!

Dare I have another?

Sharing the apple ‘tini

What kind of fruit is that hanging off your tree?

Hope that you enjoyed our partners in happy hour! Now go have a great Wednesday!

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This is just a quick post today. The two unihorns stopped by again last night. I was out on the deck and thought I heard something off to my left, so I grabbed the camera and captured this shot. Click on the photo to check out their eyes!

We’re back!

I stood where I was; they stood where they were, all of us staring at each other. It was a Mexican standoff! They got bored with looking at me…

Heading on out

I am always amazed by the wildlife here and how they stop to check us out. Not only the deer, but also the fox, skunk, and the bears.

At this time of year, the bears start to return from the higher elevations, and maybe this year I will be able to catch a photo of one of those amazing looking creatures! The other thing that happens at this time of year is the March of the Tarantulas. This is when the male tarantulas go in search of the females. This can be an exciting time for a photographer!

Have a great Wednesday!

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Yesterday we were visited by a number of the local natives. We saw Jack Rabbits, Fox and a California Mule Deer with two fawn! What a treat! At one point yesterday, when I walked out the front door there was a doe eating our bird seed from the feeder…now we know why this has disappeared so quickly! Another trip outside allowed me to capture these photos of Bambi and his family…

A doe and two fawns

Mom kept an eye on me as they all munched quietly on the dry grasses.

Look at all those spots!


One last stop

Heading on down the road

Who knows what today will bring? Have a wonderful Sunday!

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There is nothing better than sitting back in a chair on our veranda and watching the wildlife. We have an amazing amount of birds now in our yard, and as you have recently seen, we have also had fox in the yard. In the evening hours my husband has had the privilege of seeing skunk too. As we sat there today, we had another visitor!

Are you looking at me?

This is a female Columbian Black Tailed Deer. This deer is in a sub-species of the Mule Deer. We were able to identify her by her tail. And what a beauty she is! I swear she is smiling at me in this next photo. Click on the photo and let me know if you agree!

I swear she is smiling at me!

We then watch as she moseyed up to the apple tree.

Eating my fruit trees!

It was just about then that we noted that she ate part of the flowing plum!

Where is my flowing plum?

It is still there it is just hard to see as most of the leaves were nibbled off!

Since moving here to the Foothills, we have discovered that the deer do not like things that have a strong odors. One of the things we do here to prevent the deer from eating certain plants is to spray with a repellent that is made from putrescent eggs. I have had the misfortune to be spraying this when an unexpected breeze came up and I was the unfortunate target of the mist!

Get out the deer repellent!

Cute as they are all deer can be destructive to the garden. So, most of the plants that we have put in are naturally deer resistant.

I love getting the photos of the critters up here to share with you! Maybe I will get lucky again with a different creature soon, and hopefully it will not be a mountain lion!

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It is raining. It is cold! Winter has returned to the Foothills. And so has the wildlife! Step outside my back door with me to see what might be there…

I see you!

Please do click on the photos so that you can really see the detail in the photos, and those cute faces that I discovered were looking back at me!

The Real Deer View

How many deer do you see?

So, how many deer did you see in the last photo? Four? No, there are five! Check again!

And the Face to Love, Toby, was overheard saying, “Hey, I don’t care about seeing the deer! Take a photo of me!”

The Face

So I did!

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Doe, a Deer…

I wandered outside today to take some fall photos for a future post and startled a creature that went dashing off so quickly I only caught the tail end, and certainly heard it running. It almost sounded like the wild horse that lives behind our house.

I stopped where I was and did not move and really tuned into the sounds around me. I was determined to find out what kind of creature this was. If you are still for long enough, the creatures go back to what they were doing and this gives you the chance to see them. I heard a bit of a rustling nearby. I snapped off a photo.

At first I did not see it

Finally, I saw a bit of movement. It was a flicker of an ear! There nestled on the ground at the edge of the property, I saw her!

There she is!

Those big brown eyes were zoned in on me, and captured my heart! I hope that she does yours too!

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