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Due to the drought and how dry everything is here one can see many plants dropping leaves and generally just drying out. This does not leave much for the wildlife in our area to eat. It is for this reason they come into our yard for a bite to eat. Most recently the deer are making an appearance, and Uncle Buck decided to grace us with his presence!

Meet Uncle Buck!

Uncle Buck comes to visit

Uncle Buck comes to visit

This is a young buck and has not reached his full size. Here he is munching on the seed that dropped from the bird feeder.

Eating the bird seed

Eating the bird seed

They are a bit wary of me, and as I sit and watch, he keeps a close eye on me!

You looking at me?

You looking at me?

He has had his fill of bird seed and is now moving off to another area of the yard to see what goodies he will find there.

Moving to another area of the yard

Moving to another area of the yard

A doe ventured through too, and she hopped the fence and is hanging out in the neighbor’s yard. She looks over at the buck in our yard.

What are you doing over there?

What are you doing over there?

And, he still keeps looking back at me…For him this is a healthy fear of humans!

Keeping a watch on me

Keeping a watch on me

I love all the visitors we have had and am happy to say, thank God, that we have not had the cougar come by! Those we do not wish to see at all!

Thank you for taking the time to drop on by today! Have a wonderful Wednesday! See you tomorrow?

Be well! ^..^

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In the words of our Dutch relatives regarding MH17:

“Can you imagine a whole country mourning? Yes of course you can, we came in October 2001, just weeks after 9/11, to visit and saw a whole country in shock.

Today the first 40 victims arrived by plane and were transported the last 60 miles in a convoy of 40 hearses. This was shown live on television and a lot of people gathered on the route. Very impressive and emotional, one of the victims is a women of nearly 50 years who was a member of our fraternity/sorority (we were mixed, boys and girls). She was flying with her husband and son.

The whole day there were no commercial breaks on television (a first for the Netherlands I believe).

The Sad Final Journey Home – Mail Online News

One can only hope that the people who did this will see the mourning and understand the grief they caused.

No hate in the world is as strong as the love we have for each other…That is what the parents wrote whose children died.

So, love to you both!”
* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *
To our Dutch Family: Love to you all!

Nothing can take the pain away from the families of all the victims. Nothing can replace those lives lost. Nothing can eliminate the shock and horror that people around the world felt on hearing the news of what happened to those on flight MH17.

We can only hope that those who committed this atrocity will be brought to justice and made to pay for this crime against all of us!

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Under the Lake - Photo by Alastair Forbes

Under the Lake – Photo by Alastair Forbes

She had had enough of him. She planned her get away and today was the day she would leave. She picked up the already packed suitcase. The timing was good as he was not at home, or so she thought.

She headed to the garage. Fear welled up in her throat. Out of the darkness, he was there. He grabbed her arm with force. The suitcase dropped and opened on the floor. Looking back at him, she watched as the hatchet came down. A look of shock crossed her face. Blood sprayed his face and clothes.

He drove to the lake. A passerby noticed all the blood covering him. With the body now stowed in the boat, he headed out and looked around. He was alone. He cut the engine dropped her wrapped body secured with the anchor into the lake. He watched as the body sank noticing rainbows shining down in the distance.

This he took as a sign of good luck. No one would ever leave him for another man. When he reached the shore, he tied the boat up and returned to the car. He heard a noise. Looking up, he saw police surrounding him, guns drawn.
* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *
Thank you goes out to Alastair Forbes for hosting Sunday Photo Fiction! And for the photo that inspired this bit of flash!

Thank you, dear reader, for taking the time to stop by! Have a lovely Sunday!

Be well! ^..^

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The Impending Storm - Photo by Kelly Sands

The Impending Storm – Photo by Kelly Sands

To the folks of the small town of Dingle it looked like ordinary cloud cover. There was to be a chance of rain. And they needed it!

The season had been a fairly dry one. The last few had been fairly dry ones. This was for them a seven year drought! Many in the town said prayers asking that this be the storm to end all storms!

On the other side of clouds, the fleet set up for the attack. The clouds were the perfect cover. Then came the rumble of thunder and the commander shouted, “Fire! Fire! Fire!”
* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *
Thank you to Rochelle Wisoff-Fields for hosting Friday Fictioneers! And thank you to Kelly Sands for the inspiring photo!

Enjoy your Thursday! Thank you for stopping by!

Be well! ^..^

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The Tower Bell - Photo by Alastair Forbes

The Tower Bell – Photo by Alastair Forbes

The bell tower was the centerpiece of the town. It was unusual in the sense that it would toll all by itself always at four in the afternoon. No one in the town knew why, no one, except for Violet. You see, she had this unique talent, one that allowed her to touch items and see events that surround those same items.

One night, as the town slept, Violet found a way to access the bell tower so that she could touch the bell. Facing the bell she tentatively reached out to the bell her fingers making contact.

In a rush images came to her. She saw the tower being constructed and heard it ringing for the first time. It was an eventful day for the town, filled with festivities. There was laughter and joy. It was in the middle of the afternoon that a storm came up unexpectedly bringing strong winds, thunder and lightning.

And, what she discovered with the touch of her hand to the bell was that at four in the afternoon that fateful day, the creator of this town bell was struck down by the lightning. She realized that this was for whom the bell tolled!
* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *
Thank you to Alastair Forbes for hosting Sunday Photo Fiction!

And, thank you dear reader for taking the time to drop on by! Be well and have an amazing Sunday!

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The Letter - Photo by Alastair Forbes

The Letter – Photo by Alastair Forbes

June 22, 2014

Dear Bertie –

The day began with me making my morning oatmeal. I stuck it in the microwave and instead of hitting 3 minutes I hit 30. Burned the whole darn mess and now need a new microwave.

I went to go put sugar into my coffee this morning, and the lid fell off the darned thing and the entire jar went into the cup and all over the counter. What a mess!

I watered the houseplants.

When I walked the dog this morning and I went to pick up the poop, my pants split in half. Everyone stared at my Miss Kitty underwear on the walk home.

I needed to use the ladder to change a light bulb. I got two steps up the ladder and the third step split in half causing me come down so hard I broke my leg.

As I crawled to the phone to call the paramedics, I did not notice the puddle of water from the houseplants. I accidentally grabbed that frayed cord on the lamp and gave myself on hell of an electrical shock. It fried my hair.

I am now in the hospital. Please come visit.

Love Gladys
* * * * *
Thank you Alastair Forbes for hosting Sunday Photo Fiction!

May your day be better than that of Gladys! Be well! ^..^

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I am sitting outside the chimpanzee enclosure at the Sacramento Zoo waiting to do an interview. The younger ones seem to feel the world revolves around them. True for the humans too, but the old guy: He knows what life is all about. As I wait to interview him, I am told to stand back and give him a moment.

A quiet moment

A quiet moment

Then I am ushered in. There is a bit of tension. The old man that I am to interview…told me to take this next photo but I should not mention that he is an old man…

The old man

The old man

He looks over at me. “So, did I win the pretty feet contest for 2014?”

I tell him that he won second place. He grins and he says, “Maybe because I gave the finger?”

Pretty Feet of a Chimpanzee

Pretty Feet of a Chimpanzee

A smile spreads across his face. He tells me, “I’ll be good for a photo if you want to take it…No giving the finger!”

No finger here!

No finger here!

“What advice would you give to the younger generation?” I ask him.

“Be nice to others. When you do, you will be rewarded,” he says.

Mom always said be nice to others and you will get rewarded!

Mom always said be nice to others and you will get rewarded!

“Hang on just a sec, and thanks for the nuts! They look so good, I just have to have a bite,” he says.

Hang on a sec I need to have a quick bite!

Hang on a sec I need to have a quick bite!

“Now I think you are supposed to talk to one of the younger ones. Hey, Clyde! Yeah, you! Clyde! Talk to this woman!”

Clyde looks over at me.

He grumbles a bit and asks, “So, you wanna talk to me?” And he poses…

You wanna talk to me?

You wanna talk to me?

“Now I heard rumor Clyde, that there is a young gal here who is interested in you. What do you have to say to that?” I ask.

“Are you kidding me? She likes me?” he responds.

She said she likes me?

She said she likes me?

“That’s the word on the street,” I respond.

“You know, my Mama, and this is something maybe a Mama would only say, tells me that I am a good catch! She really likes me?”

“That’s the word on the street!”

She thinks I am a good catch!

She thinks I am a good catch!

He looks over at his buddy and whispers, “She likes me! How about that?”

Then he humbly tells me that he really is a nice guy! His mother is to blame he says. He also says that there are not many around who are as nice as he is. Then a huge smile spreads across his face and he says, “Wow! I am really digging this! What could be better? I feel really happy right now!  Mama always told me that I have a face to be loved!” He looks at me with a silly grin on his face, finger pointing…And he says, “Isn’t this a face to be loved?”

Mama always told me that this is a face to love!

Mama always told me that this is a face to love!

My interview, I am told, is at an end. I get escorted out. The interviewees, well, they are in a huddle having one heck of a major conversation! One without me!

I hope that you have enjoyed this interview! I do feel lucky that I was given the opportunity! The interview: This took place at the Sacramento Zoo. Since doing this interview, I have heard that these chimpanzees are waiting with bated breath to see this post…

To the boys I interviewed: You were great! I fell in love with each of you! I hope that we can get together again!

Rumor has it they want to get together again soon. I heard that the old man and Clyde are looking forward to it! I was told that maybe I should wear something pink…What? Wear something pink?

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The Wishing Well - Photo by Alastair Forbes

The Wishing Well – Photo by Alastair Forbes

She was walking through the local Home Depot store when she was approached by a man with a camera crew. The fellow indicated that he was looking for someone in need of a backyard makeover. Would she be interested. He told her it was free. So, she agreed.

They met outside the store and he followed her back to her place. With his crew, they went into the backyard. They looked around and asked her what she wanted to do. She told them, “I want something magical.”

They brought in the design and got to work. The centerpiece was a magical wishing well. And they brought one in and installed it in her back yard, surrounding it with geraniums. The rest of the yard was rather plain, just being crushed granite. “Well, this was free,” she thought.

After the team left she went back into the yard, and tossed a coin into her magical wishing well. The coin clinked against the side of the well and in an instant the well disintegrated into a pile of rubble. It was just another Home Depot item after all, and in the rubble was a small white label that read “Made in China.”
* * * * * *
Thank you to Alastair Forbes for hosting Sunday Photo Fiction!

Have a wonderful day and thank you for visiting today!

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The Winner - Photo by Alastair Forbes

The Winner – Photo by Alastair Forbes

It was a new design, one that had not been tested on the water before. The boat was sleek and trim. There it lay on the beach basking in glory.

It was the day of the Hampton races and Alastair and AnElephantCant were doing stretches as they stood by the boat.

“We are going to kick butt!” exclaimed Alastair.

“With our new design, we should be a shoe in,” said AnElephantCant.

The announcement came for the boats to get ready to launch. They moved the craft to the water and standing knee deep, life vests donned, oars in hand. The starting gun went off.

They jumped on the boat taking their respective places. AnElephantCant at the back, Alastair in front. Feet in place oars lifted the current grabbed the boat.

“Oars down,” AnElephantCant trumpeted. “In, back, up! In, back, up!”

The boat quickly on the move, as they kept pace watching the other boaters who just could not keep up!

Alastair and AnElephantCant crossed the finish line a full five minutes before the rest. They pulled the boat on shore.They collected their trophy then went to celebrate.

Lifting pints of Hampton Stout, AnElephantCant shouted,” Raise, tip, swallow! Raise, tip, swallow!”
Thank you to Alastair Forbes for another great photo for Sunday Photo Fiction!

Another hot Sunday on the way with the temperature to hit 100 degrees! Getting stuff done early today!

Thank you for coming by today for a visit, and have a splendid Sunday!

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It Points South - Photo by Alastair Forbes

It Points South – Photo by Alastair Forbes

The day started out like any other. He went about his chores around the farm. His first stop was the hay barn to get hay for the horses. That done, he went and milked the cow. From there he retrieved eggs from the hen house, and got them fed.

He was on his way to the farmhouse with the eggs and milk when off in the distance he saw a dust devil forming. Normally this is nothing unusual. But this one looked a bit off. It was moving towards him. He moved to the right. The dust devil moved to the right. He moved left. It did too! Then it rapidly moved towards him.

Dropping the milk and the eggs, he began to run. The dust devil followed. He ran to the left, then to the right, then left again. He stopped bending down, hands on his knees trying to catch his breath! He heard it coming!

The wind whipped at his legs, grabbing him and sucking him up in its grip. It held him there. It was then that he noticed the weather vane. It never moved. With a sudden flash he found himself in the land of Oz.
Thank you Al for hosting Sunday Photo Fiction!

I hope that you enjoyed this bit of flash! Have a splendid Sunday! Thanks for dropping in! Be well!

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